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June 20, 2008


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Susan Bulloch

Amen, sister. I think the article and you have it correct. I've often said that if asked, I would not recommend IT as a career to a young woman, (and would barely recommend it to a young man, given the downs and ups of the industry). I was trained as and worked as Mechanical Engineer in my first 14-year career. I was one of the first in everything - school, every work team I was on, etc. I have to say, it's not much better there either. I get tired of proving myself. And maybe its because I'm older than you , but I do find it isolating to be STILL the minority.


Right - and when I was saying I didn't feel isolated, it was more related to being able to socialize with and relate to colleagues in the workplace. I am fortunate that the male colleagues I work with now (and most in the past, with very few exceptions) have all been easy to get along with and have not exhibited any of the gender bias I mentioned.

However, it definitely is isolating to be in the minority. Even though it seems like there are more women in software development than in some other technology sectors, we are still a smaller group and we still have to push against plenty of obstacles.


from a personal point of view, the best place i seen for women in it, as at the top (this may be biased as all but 1 of my main boses has been a woman), but quite frankly they screw up far less than the male ones do, they guide rather than order, then gain respect rather than demand it, and just seem better at moving the sullen bulk that is a It department than some twit just of a golf course.

Jess Stratton

Maybe I'm just being extra postpartum or something, but lately I've been thinking a lot about leaving the industry. I'm getting very tired of and I don't have time to deal with the 'pat-pat-on-the-head, "that's a cute theory, now go and leave us big boys to talk."
I do honestly think it's always been like that. I could always deal with it before. But now every second for me counts now, and like I said, I don't have time for that. I'll go where my opinion is valued and I have a real chance to make it.

Lissette Arenas

C'mon now girls -- don't underestimate yourselves. You're bumming us out. More likely, you're intimidating them.

Seriously, I've seen you all in action and you are all strong role models (and a true inspiration really) for our IT (Lotus especially) community.

If you get "the boys club" treatment then you're just working with the wrong dudes or need to just remember: At the end of the day, your work speaks for itself. Drama at the office, regardless of the situation, will always present itself in ANY industry. It's high school all over again. The fun is the technology which is why you started in this industry right?

Some days are better than others and rather than bow out (which I hope you don't): Change IT. Make it better (you already have).

Keep 'em up girls! ;)

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