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July 09, 2008


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Susan Bulloch

YUM! I might try it too. Of course getting the cheese and truffle oil is probably easier in NYC.


Nah, they carry both at Whole Paycheck... uh, Whole Foods. Y'all have those down there, don'tcha?

Make sure you get truffle salt instead of truffle oil - it has dried truffles in it, whereas most commercial truffle oils have artificial truffle flavor. The truffle salt keeps better too, and you can season other stuff with it (lightly) - like eggs and other savory dishes.


Yum! Never heard of buratta before. Sounds delish. Whatever you do, please don't use words like EVOO or other Rachel Ray-isms or I may have to hurt you.


I prefer to pretend that Rachel Ray does not exist, so I don't think you have anything to worry about there.

Deb Brill

I love burattta - had it for the first time in Prague. Just starting to see it in specialty shops here in the back woods. Your dinner looked yummy!

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