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July 17, 2008


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Ed Brill

Congratulations, Kathleen! This is a big decision for you and makes sense in so many ways. With all the other change has come great opportunity, and I think many of us welcome a time in our lives when we can balance professional and personal interests and opportunities. I look forward to your success on the Sakura side -- perhaps you can comment here or in a new entry on what areas of Lotus technology you'll focus on, so that some leads on new business can end up your way.


Thanks, Ed! Will do - I will post a follow-up with lots more detail about Sakura Consulting early next week. For now, I encourage people to visit the Sakura Consulting website, linked in my post, which already has some information about the types of services we'll be providing.

Paul Mooney

Best wishes girl - see you in September

Carl Tyler

Congratulations Kathleen and the best of luck! See you in September!


Whoo-hoo! Congrats and best of luck.

Bill Buchan

Welcome to the dark side. And remember, being your own boss only works if your nice to your employees.. ;-)

And heeey - you can take as much vacation as you like/can afford!

See you in September..

---* Bill

Bruce and Gayle Elgort

Best of luck in your new career.

Bruce and Gayle

Stuart McIntyre

Well done Kathleen - you won't regret it. See you at UKLUG.

alan leppfsky

congrats kat. You are one of the smartest, most honest, and most charasmatic people I've ever worked with. Good luck on this next adventure.

Jess Stratton

Congrats Kathleen!! There's nothing like running your own company. Can't wait to see you at Lotusphere to give you a congratulatory hug in person!

Gregg Eldred

Welcome to the world of the self-employed! Funny thing about that, you will find that you are "Employee of the Month" every month. :-)

Congratulations and best wishes.

Chris Miller

Huge congrats on taking the leap to grow yourself. I applaud it for both of you. I hope both ventures grow beyond belief.


Congrats! I know you will rock out!

Roberto Boccadoro

Congratulations Kathleen, and the best of luck for your new endeavour(s).
Hope our paths can cross again, it has been a pleasure to work with you here in IBM.

Daniel Lieber

Congratulations Kathleen! This is a big step and I'm confident you'll be very successful! Please use the resources of those of us with experience in this side of the business liberally. It can be tremendously helpful.

I wish you all the best and we will surely work together on some customer projects! :-)

Julian Woodward

Congratulations, and all the best. See you at UKLUG :-)

Mary Beth Raven

Best of luck, Kathleen!

Wes Morgan

[sniff sniff] Waaaaaaaaaaah!

OK, I'm all better now.

Congratulations, good lady - knock 'em dead!


Congratulations!! This is great news. Now, remember, I'm moving back to NYC (April-ish 2009)and you just might need a kick ass personal assistant by then :) xoxox.

Rob McDonagh

Congratulations! Sounds like a great move.

Rajiv Thomas

Congrats Kathleen. Its a big move but I am sure its going to be a equally big (if not bigger)success. All the very best!!


Hey Kathleen - Biggest of congratulations to you! I hope it's fun and fulfilling.

Dvir Reznik


All the best in your new challenge !! and good luck !

Maybe we'll meet sometime in the UK ;-)


Ray Bilyk

Congratulations! I hope for nothing but the best for you!

And yeah, I'm jealous! Way to find the best employee for your company... YOU!

Rob Wunderlich

Best wishes, KM ...

Hope you don't have any issues with your new manager!!

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