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February 26, 2010


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Jeff Donaldson

I started responding, and then I realized it was turning into a blog post of it's own, so here is my response: http://www.fejsez.com/2010/02/28/a-response-to-the-illusion-of-silence/


I used to blog to keep my kids' families up to date with what was happening since we're so far away.
Then I mostly stopped doing that and just blogged the oddities of every day island life.
Once that line of stories felt boring, I mostly stopped blogging, also cause everything I felt was somewhat meaningful, had already been shared with people on skype group chats, Twitter or Facebook.

I was just about to shut down my blog when I figured out when I needed to blog and what I needed to blog about.
The only time I blog now is if I see a repeating theme or message, a conversation I have with different people, over and over... about something that's bigger than can be shared in a group chat... that's the only time I blog now.

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