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June 24, 2010


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Kevin Pettitt

Sympathies for your loss Kathleen. We lost our shelter cat Cleo earlier this year. :-(

Dave Wettengel

So sorry to hear about Jack! Sending sympathy and love to you and Atom.

Alan Lepofsky

Sorry Kathleen and Atom. Virtual hug (((((( ))))))

Stephen Blackmoore

Oh, I am so sorry to hear about Jack. He was an awesome cat. And the one eye just made him that much cooler.

Tara Tiger Brown

OH NO! One-eyed Jack! You were so sweet and such a good host when I visited you in November. I am so sad. Kathleen, this came on suddenly? I don't recall that he was sick less than a year ago.

Ed Brill

uph. So sorry to hear. Taking a moment to remember all things of the one-eyed cult.

Jason Moore

I'm sorry to hear about Jack. I have a two year old one-eyed border collie. One-eyed pets are the best!

nina layton

hey kathleen and atom jack looked a lot like our bennie solid black. i think black cats are so regal and very intelligent. i know you are hurting with losing him love, nina

Jeff Donaldson

So sorry to hear about your loss of Jack. Lots of love to you and Atom.


Oh no! Raising a glass to One-Eyed Jack and the people who love him.


Sorry to hear about Jack. He sounds like such a character. I lost my Toby to cancer 15 months ago. Loved him with all my heart and tearing up as i remember. Jack will be missed i know. What a handsome chap he was.

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