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November 16, 2010


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Chris Almond

Kathleen - thanks for the excellent public service message!

This situation is appalling. And even more frustrating when you read about how Isreal manages airport security: http://www.thestar.com/mobile/news/world/article/744199---israelification-high-security-little-bother

Cheers - Chris

David Locke

Dear airlines:

If you wanted your passengers back, you would safe your fuel and pay for the higher maintenance that that would entail. You know that an jet plane full of safed fuel will not be the fire hazard that regular jet fuel is. You know that a jet full of safed fuel could not bring down building. If a jet couldn't bring down a building, then you wouldn't have TSA doing those invasive pat downs, because the terrorists would have to change tactics.

But, no, safing fuel is all about costs with you. Well, not safing fuel is costing you passengers, air miles, unused capacity, an endearing user experience. You'd rather go out of business than safe your fuel. You'd rather bribe politicians to pay for your loss of biz than do biz, or do biz and make a profit.

Just safe your damn fuel.

Another reason to safe your fuel: Most passengers that die in commercial aircraft incidents burn to death. Stop that. Stop that today. And, yes, stop TSA pat downs while you're at it. You suck. Stop that too.


Thank you for that great letter. Hopefully, the people in charge will listen to the growing screams from the public. Until then, John Mica, who will soon be the new chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in the House, is currently letting airports know that the law does not require them to use TSA screeners and even suggesting that they opt out: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/Amid-airport-anger_-GOP-takes-aim-at-screening-1576602-108259869.html

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